Episode 37: Handmaid’s Tale, Stephen King’s It and The Dark Tower

May 9, 2017

As I Lay Dying part 2 is still coming tomorrow.  But today we have a BONUS EPISODE about three ABSOLUTE LITERARY CLASICS that are all on TV or coming to movie screens soon. We've got our hot take on the books they are based on. 

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Episode 36: As I Lay Dying, Part 1 of 2

May 3, 2017

This right here is an episode about William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. Sadly, our heroes had to record this episode with Jake M.I.A. So that was weird, and is hopefully a rare occurrence.

Left to their own devices, Nathan and Brandon ladle on the context, talking about everything from Faulkner's life to the Southern Renaissance in American literature to early Hollywood's penchant for misusing great writers.

Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor keep coming up, possibly because both our heroes love Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor. Plus, with Jake gone, Nathan and Brandon are finally free to reveal his secret shame to the world. IT WILL SHOCK YOU!

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Next we're reading The Complete Winnie the Pooh ... and after that Boys of Blur by ND Wilson (we switched the schedule around in order to do our (very very tiny) part for Wilson, given his recent severe medical troubles. We encourage everybody to buy a copy and read along.)


Episode 35: That Hideous Strength, Part 3

April 19, 2017

"Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself. There is nothing outrageously improbable in such a conspiracy. Indeed, at a moment when a single atomic bomb – of a type already pronounced “obsolete” – has just blown probably three hundred thousand people to fragments, it sounds all too topical. Plenty of people in our age do entertain the monstrous dreams of power that Mr. Lewis attributes to his characters, and we are within sight of the time when such dreams will be realisable."--From a review of That Hideous Strength by George Orwell 

In our final episode on C. S. Lewis's weird book, our heroes ponder modernism, post modernism, and the demise of western civilization itself!!!!!!!!!

Special thanks again to our guest star for this series, Pastor Stephen Baker, dean of the most excellent Clearnote Pastor's College.

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Next month we're reading As I Lay Dying.


Episode 34: That Hideous Strength, Part 2 **ADULT THEMES**

April 12, 2017


The advisory above is no joke. This episode is pretty much all about marriage, sex, and eroticism. Mostly because that's what That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis is pretty much all about. Well, that and Mr. Bultitude the Bear. 

Listen as our heroes plunge bravely into the nature of the sacred erotic bond between Man and Woman, as expounded by a then-47-year-old professor of Medieval and Renaissance Litetature (and up to that point lifelong bachelor).

As in the previous episode, they are much aided by the irrepressible Pastor Stephen Baker (Dean of Clearnote Pastor's College), who explains why every college student on the face of the planet should be forced to read this book. His theory on Mr. Bultitude is that he is "just a bear." Brandon has other ideas about Mr. Bultitude but they go repeatedly and terribly awry. Jake has a amazing pitch for who should play Fairy Hardcastle in the movie version. Nathan plays it cool. Arguably this week's topic is out of his wheelhouse, and anyway, he's never one for vain speechifying. 

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Next month we're reading As I Lay Dying.


Episode 33: That Hideous Strength, Part 1

April 6, 2017


In this episode our heroes begin their discussion of C.S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength. They spend much of the time discussing Lewis himself--who he was, the larger context of his life and work, and whether he is a trustworthy influence on Christians today. You'll learn why the Space Trilogy actually shouldn't be called that, what kinds of trashy novels C.S. Lewis was a sucker for, and how Lewis thought a novel of adventure, fantasy, or escapism should work. You'll also learn why, even given some of Lewis's more egregious doctrinal errors, if you found yourself in his shoes, you wouldn't have done any better. So haters be cool.

Our heroes are aided immeasurably by the presence of their first ever guest star, Stephen Baker, huge Space Trilogy nerd (he wouldn't like us calling it that), associate pastor of Clearnote Church, and Dean of Clearnote Pastor's College (aspiring pastors, check it out!).

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Next month we're reading As I Lay Dying.


Episode 32: Emma, Part 2 of 2

March 8, 2017

On November 21, 1994 a film began production that would change the course of cinema--along with one young man's life--forever. The film was Amy Heckerling's immortal comedy classic Clueless and the young man was Jake Mentzel. 

Over twenty years have passed since that fateful day. Mentzel has earned well-deserved repute as an associate pastor of Clearnote Church and the executive director of Warhorn Media. Yet his love for the film that once so inspired and spoke to him remains undimmed.

Given all this, one might have expected Mentzel to approach the source material for said cinematic masterpiece with some trepidation. Jane Austen's Emma! Ha! More like Jane's Austen's coal, which Amy Heckerling and Alicia Silverstone fashioned into a dazzling diamond of celluloid delight.

Mentzel was pleasently surprised, however, to find that Emma did have its charms and diversions. But try as it might, it could never achieve anything remotely on the level of the glories of that great film that will stand forever as a testament to the human spirit eternal.

Anyway here is part 2 of a podcast about Emma, sorry it's not about Clueless, it's pretty informative and enjoyable anyway though, at least we hope so, also parts of the above narrative may be horrible lies, who knows which parts though, thanks for listening. 

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Coming next month, C. S. Lewis's amazing conclusion to what was otherwise a kinda boring space trillogy. 

Also coming soon, a new Warhorn Media podcast called Sound of Sanity. What is it? You'll have to wait and listen to find out ...


Episode 31: Emma, Part 1 of 2

March 1, 2017

It's Jane Austen. She's the best. This is one of her novels. Our heroes talk about it. What else do you need to know?

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Coming next month, maybe C. S. Lewis's weirdest, most violent novel? 


Episode 30: Poetry, Part 2 of 2

February 8, 2017

A new episode of our podcast's here
Nathan and Brandon and Jake sit around
(Probably drank a whole gallon of beer
Based on the way that they started to sound)

Reading the poems that were written by greats
Don't ask us why Jake had to say Dylan,
Or Nathan likes mystical bullcrap by Yeats
Or everyone cries when Brandon gets Milne in—

That's how it goes when recording a show
Things will just happen that you don't expect
You've got all the places you wanted to go
But somehow your plans will always get wrecked

Then at 2 in the morning, while working on it,
You decide that the intro MUST be a sonnet

Coming maybe next week, if we can pull it off, Emma by Jane Austen 


Episode 29: Favorite Poems, Part 1 of 2

February 1, 2017

Don't worry, Emma is still coming. (!!!) It'll be up in the next few weeks, as soon as our heroes get through this emergency poetry series. 

Why an emergency poetry series? Well, for one thing, these episodes do take a lot of work to produce, and our heroes have lives and full-time jobs and blah blah blah. Our heroes needed a little extra time to get into the grove of a novel-a-month again. Especially after the awesome but behemoth Anna Karenina. 

Moreover, our heroes love poetry, and they wanted to make a case to you, the listener, that you should read more poetry. Poetry rocks. It was good enough for King David after all. And the Living God chose to include more than 150 poems in His book of books.

So poetry is not just for pretentious effeminate losers. In fact, it's not for pretentious effeminate losers at all. They may try to ruin it from time to time, but they can't. Because poetry rocks. If you think you don't like poetry, it's because you've either read the wrong poetry, or your heart is two-sizes two small. Either way, it's time to man up and read some poetry. Or at least listen to Nathan, Brandon, and Jake do so for the next few weeks.

Coming super soon, we swear, Emma by the Great Jane Austen 


Episode 28: Anna Karenina

January 4, 2017

Per Wikiepdia, Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is "commonly thought to explore the themes of hypocrisy, jealousy, faith, fidelity, family, marriage, society, progress, carnal desire and passion, and the agrarian connection to land in contrast to the lifestyles of the city." Thanks for the help, Boys! (Their citation for that assertion is gradesaver.com—maybe we should just do our research there).

Anyhow, Anna Karenina is indisputably one of the great novels, but a lot of people bash their heads against it. It's long, it's about adultery on the one hand, and prosaic family life on the other, and it has many, many digressions into Russian land politics of the 1860s. It's problematic for feminists because its heroine tries to live a progressive dream life, and it doesn't quite work out. It's problematic for Christians because its heroine tries to live a progressive dream life, and for a while it's kinda dreamy, even if it doesn't quite work out. 

Fortunately, our heroes are on hand to sort it all out for you in this Russian-novel-length single shot of pure Bookening goodness. Nathan proves that he should never attempt a Russian accent, Jake remembers college ministry students who could have learned a thing or two from Kitty, Brandon ponders whether every happy family is alike or unalike or somewhere inbetween, and if you listen closely you can probably hear some birds fly into the window of the house where our heroes find themselves recording. 

We'll get back to our regular schedule of 2-3ish (maybe 4 sometimes if we can swing it) episodes a month starting in February. Happy New Year!

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Coming next month, Emma by Our Lady Jane.